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  • Neil Wood

Air Assisted Suspension fitted to a Nissan Navara NP300 Gritter

We don’t just fit air suspension to Motorhomes!

This Nissan Navara was brought to us with a severely saggy back end due to a gritter attachment and salt!

These are not the best for carrying any weight due to them running on coil springs instead of leaf springs… but because of this there is very little suspension upgrades available!

We sourced a set of MAD suspension air bags, compressor & switch panel and had it all fitted in a day ready to go back out to work😎 all adjustable from the cab!

The measurements taken this morning of the ride height was 820mm on the rear, 900mm on the front and the hopper had 50mm ground clearance!!!

After the installation and a quick once round the block the new assisted heights were - 850mm rear, 870mm front and the hopper was 150mm off the floor💪 (measurements taken from ground to wheel arch)

The vehicle looked a lot more level and had much less bounce on the rear end!

We have these kits available for most 4x4 vehicles, vans, Motorhomes etc.

Get in touch and we’ll see what system we can offer you and your vehicle👌


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