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  • Neil Wood

Meet René… he’s our Renault Trafic which we are converting into a 4/5 berth camper

We’ve made great progress on René😎

He was bought by us as a project/demo vehicle for us to show our work but also be useable for us as a family. He’s been a dog walkers van for the last 4 years so hasn’t been overly worked but did have its own smelly issues!

We started by stripping the whole van back to a shell and proceeded to hoover, wash and sanitise inside all of the panels before then applying waxoyl inside the panels and fit sound deadening👍 The insulation is on order and a new ply lining kit that will be used for the sides.

As we are still waiting to hear from our supplier about supplying a pop top roof (where the children will sleep) we carried on and fitted all the windows👌 Opener on drivers side above where the cooker will be and 3 fixed on sliding door & rear doors.

Also got the 20” Range Rover alloys fitted on the rear but have had to order spacers for the front😞

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