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NCC Approved Electrical Installation Condition Report EICR carried out

Electrical Installation Condition Report - EICR for your Campervan, Motorhome or Caravan.

In addition to your annual habitation check it is now being recommended by the NCC and AWS that every 3 years your motorhome has a EICR. It is at the owners discretion to have this done or not.

What is an EICR?

A EICR is in an depth report on your motorhome habitation electrical system. Every joint, connection, socket, cable insulation and plug is checked both electronically with high voltage and manually. This means every connection is checked and tightened as well as inspected for any possible damage or past or potential issues.

Why Do We Need A EICR?

SAFETY! It gives great peace of mind knowing your motorhome is safe and working correctly. You may have only just purchased your leisure vehicle & want to ensure everything is safe or with the use of leisure vehicles and movement of the wiring, appliances etc wires can become loose or damaged over time! Our EICR will thoroughly check all aspects of your 240v electrical system from the hookup cable right through to the furthest socket in your leisure vehicle!

Some campsites and insurance companies are now asking for this report to ensure safety among leisure vehicles and the sites. Insurance companies may ask to see the report if you claim for fire damage etc. Insurance companies may even be offering discounts in some instances.

Get in touch for a price & to book your EICR check 07918613639

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