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Truma boiler & heater diagnostics & repairs

Truma heating systems and Truma water heaters have made caravanning in even the coldest weather a pleasurable experience. More people than ever are enjoying winter breaks despite the British weather but don’t get caught out! If you are planning a trip away and your caravan has been in storage for a few months, it is always a good idea to check all your appliances are working correctly, well in advance of your holiday.

With Easter being early in 2024, it is likely that the temperatures will still be fairly chilly especially at night. So if you are planning a break over the Bank Holiday then remember to carry out a few simple checks before you go. The most common fault at the beginning of the year is split or leaking taps. This is usually due to frost damage and sometimes cannot be avoided however carefully you have drained down the system. Other common problems are: Truma water heater not working on electric, Truma space heater not working on electric, or no gas although the gas bottle is full.

KamperBitz is a Truma Approved Repair Centre and can help solve your issues with any of the Truma heating systems. Whether you discover the fault at home and need it fixed before your holiday or you are already on site and need help urgently, we can help. So if you are experiencing any of the problems mentioned above then why not give us a ring and we’ll try our best to get things fixed as quickly as possible.

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