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  • Neil Wood

We are now approved installers of Flo-ride elevating roofs

Approved installers of the Flo-Ride elevating roof system😎

•FLO-RIDE elevating roof systems

•Insulated and carpeted roof skin

•Single or two piece roofs, vehicle dependant

•Low profile

•Hi lift hinges for maximum head height and foot space

•Maximum depth side reinforcement frames for roof bed mattress

•Grey waterproof canvas with three pvc windows, blackout curtains and mosquito nets

•All roofs come in candy white but can be painted or wrapped at a decent Bodyshop or vehicle wrapper… we DO NOT offer this service as we do not have the facilities

•Elevating bed boards are available at extra cost

•We ONLY supply & fit to pre-converted vans as we do not want to risk damaging your interiors!

We have available T4, T5, T6, Vivaro/Trafic/Primastar and Transit Custom

Get in touch for a quote on 07918613639

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