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  • Neil Wood

An extremely dangerous gas installation removal and rectification at KamperBitz

We were asked by a local main dealer to rectify a shocking gas installation on a newly converted Ford Transit, this installation was carried out by a professional company who make and sell many of these vans!!!

On initial inspection we found the following problems -

•25 litre underslung lpg tank installed under the rib bed attached to the bed frame and only secured with two bolts

•The tank was installed right next to the Truma water heater which posed a fire risk if there was ever a gas leak

•The lpg fill hose was trailing loose across the floor with no protection or fixings to prevent damage

•The Truma water heater was connected directly to the main gas supply with no isolation valve but also connected with bits of random copper fixings and lpg hose

•The lpg hose continued around the van all the way to the gas manifold where again it was connected with bits of copper pipe and hose clips. We even found a live gas hose laying on top of the fridge with a bolt in the end!

•The gas drop out vent used was a plug out of a sink!

What did we do to rectify the faults -

•The gas tank was removed from under the rib bed and replaced with a 55l toroidal tank in place of the spare wheel (requested by the main dealer)

•We removed all existing pipework and replaced with protected 8mm copper correctly secured and connected to the manifold with correctly allocated isolation taps for all appliances

•We correctly connected the fridge & cooker with compression joints

•We removed the ‘plug’ gas drop vent and replaced with an actual gas drop vent ensuring that if there was a leak from the Truma boiler it would actually vent outside of the van

•We moved the gas level gauge to a more accessible place

•And finally a leak check was carried out and installation signed off ready for collection

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