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  • Neil Wood

Motor mover fitted to a Bessacarr at the owners address

Out with the old, in with the new today…

A lovely Bessacarr Cameo to remove an old Carver/Truma manual engage motor mover and replace with a Movemaster auto engage motor mover🤙

All done and completed at the owners home address ready for there next break😎

Info -

Simply push the ‘engage’ buttons on the smart remote control and guide the caravan to where it needs to go.

As with the popular, award-winning MoveMaster, the upgraded Advance model assists with adjusting the positioning of your caravan without having to hitch up to your vehicle. And thanks to weather-resistant covers, it is specially designed for use all year round. These covers protect the mover from rain, snow, dust, dirt, mud and any other kind of residue.

This mover comes with an easy-to-use remote control that allows you to auto-engage and manoeuvre your caravan forward or in reverse, as well as turn it right or left. And thanks to the durable alloy roller, the mover firmly grips your caravan’s tyre to deliver smooth and steady performance.

Suitable for Single and Twin Axle Caravans

Tne MoveMaster Advance is suitable for both single & double axle caravans (two motors required for large twin axle caravans) and it supports a maximum total weight of 1800kg (1600kg on an 18% upward slope).

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