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Caravan and Motorhome Gas Safety Checks

Kamperbitz - Gas-it twin 11kg refillable lpg system fitted to a motorhome
Kamperbitz - corroded underslung lpg tank picked up on a habitation check and replaced with a new Gas-it tank

Severely coroded LPG tank picked up on gas safety check 

At KamperBitz we can completely and thoroughly test and inspect the gas system of your Caravan or Motorhome consisting of a leak test, regulator performance, visual inspection of the complete gas system and flue, all gas appliances are put through a live test to assess their performance and safety device operation.

Our Gas Installation, Supply and Appliance Safety Check includes -

  • Let By Test of regulaor and cylinder valve, regulator performance & a full leak test

  • Check condition & date of gas flexi hose (replace if required, at additional cost)

  • Check security of all gas pipe work

  • Check security of gas bottles

  • Check LPG sticker on locker

  • Check & advise on correct ventilation requirements and gas dispersal holes

  • Check operation of fridge ignition, FFD & cooling

  • Check operation of cooker, hob & oven, ignition, (FFD)

  • Check operation of space heater, ignition, flame, (FFD) 

  • Check operation of water heater, ignition, flame, (FFD) & heating

  • Check carbon monoxide monitor operation and if in date

A full detailed certificate is issued with any remedial action noted.

Please note, If your leisure vehicle is used for hire or reward you will need a Gas Safe Certificate from a gas safe enineer!  .

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