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  • Neil Wood

Adria Coral 690 with a few niggles all repaired

A lovely Adria Coral 690 brought in with a few minor niggles.

•Hot water leaking from under the tap… stripped out and found the hot water tail wasn’t even in the tap housing! We removed the tap and proceeded to reinstall the hose tail, refitted the tap and full operation checked before refitting the sink & drawers✅

•Central locking inoperative on the habitation door, the owner had spoken with the dealer he purchased it from and they advised it didn’t have central locking on that door… we traced the wires back from the motor to the loom and found no continuity on one of the wires? After stripping back some of the insulation we found a snapped wire and one that wasn’t far off snapping! We cut the loom back and made good joints on all four wires before checking operation✅ now fully working central locking on the habitation door😎

•Cab Air Con not overly cold… full AC system drain, vacuum, leak check and refilled with fresh refrigerant. Now icy cold air conditioning ✅

All done in the same day with no expensive parts required just correct diagnosis & repair👌

For your Motorhome, Campervan or Caravan faults give us a call and we’ll see what we can do👍

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