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MS-Craft Sliding/Swivel seat base fitted to a Ford Transit Custom Camper

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

MS-Craft sliding/swivel seat base fitted to a Ford Transit Custom Camper👍

•Very slim profile. Only adds 40mm to the overall height of the seat.

•By simply unscrewing 5 locking bolts and sliding seat back which allows free seat rotation without any complicated sequence found in other brands

•Seat can be pushed back and locked in place or used in the living area when cooking or simply facing out through side sliding door

•Main construction made off precision laser cut 4mm steel with high tensile steel bolts and heavy duty sliding mechanism.

•All metal parts comes powder coated in black to match existing seat base.

•Completely silent and wobble free while on the move

•Each swivel we install will come with a hard copy of M1 test report issued by VOSC

•Available for Transit Custom and Transporter T5 & T6

•Not suitable for crew cabs with the rear seats fitted!!

Get in touch on 07918613639 and we'll get you booked in asap

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